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From Chaos to Calm Crafting Your Mental Health Emergency KitCreating an emotional first aid kit is a proactive way to take care of your mental health, similar to how a traditional first aid kit helps with physical health. This emotional kit can include mindfulness practices to stay calm, a contact list of trusted friends and family for difficult situations, and activities that promote relaxation, such as reading or listening to music.

It’s also helpful to keep a journal to express thoughts and emotions, as well as reminders of past accomplishments and positive affirmations to build self-esteem. The key is to personalize the content so that it is relevant and useful in times of stress or emotional crisis. Additionally, it is important to remember that seeking professional help is a valuable and necessary step when facing significant emotional challenges.

If this is your first time making a first aid kit for your emotions, we recommend starting with a guide based on the senses. This guide includes objects related to the five senses – touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing – to keep your thoughts and emotions grounded in the present.

These are just recommendations, but it’s important to remember that an emotional first aid kit is a customizable tool adaptable to each person’s needs.

5 Sense Guide to Create your own Mental Health Kit


The sense of touch can be very comforting and has the power to calm and relax. When creating your emotional kit, consider including objects with different textures that provide comfort. This can be anything from a soft, warm blanket to stress balls that you can squeeze in moments of tension. Even the act of petting a pet can be therapeutic.


Remember to make space in your emotional kit for snacks or drinks that bring you comfort and joy. For example, you could keep chocolate, herbal tea, or a small portion of your favorite food. It’s important to use these flavors as a positive stimulus and not as a form of emotional eating.


Scents have a direct connection to our emotions and memories. Essential oils, scented candles, or even your favorite perfume can be great additions to your emotional toolkit. Scents such as lavender, mint, and eucalyptus are known for their relaxing properties and can help create an atmosphere of tranquility.


Visual images can have a significant impact on our mood. Consider including photos of happy moments, works of art that inspire you, or even a list of videos or movies that make you smile in your kit. The idea is to have visual resources on hand that can quickly lift your spirits.


Remember to create a playlist with music and environmental sounds that help manage your emotions. Choose motivating or calming songs along with recordings of nature sounds like streaming water or birdsong to relax. You can also include your favorite songs to create a comforting playlist.

By incorporating elements that stimulate our senses, we can create a safe and comforting space for when we need to take care of our emotional health. Remember that the most important thing is to find what resonates with you and gives you peace and comfort in difficult times.

Remember that this kit is not a solution for all emotional problems, and it does not replace professional help when necessary.

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